Visual Studio 2013 is released, with F# 3.1, the Visual F# tools, and improvements to ASP.NET

Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2013. This brings, amongst other improvements – F# 3.1, improvements to ASP.NET (including ASP.NET-MVC and Web API), and Entity Framework.

Here is the Microsoft download page for Visual Studio.

See here for a writeup on ScottGu’s Blog.

F# 3.1

This new version of the F# language introduces incremental enhancements to the language and tools-platform that further it’s usefulness to the developer. These include named union type fields, extensions to array slicing, an improvement to LINQ-style methods in the form of type-inference, better support for C# extension members, and enhancements in the support of constants in attributes and literal expressions.

See this post on the

Visual Studio F# Team Blog

If you have not yet explored the F# language I would encourage you to check it out. It is a great tool to have in your kit.


About James W Hurst

a professional software designer since the beginning days of the desktop cptr and uC-controlled avionics, I today am focusing on C# and F# for building desktop and online applications under WPF, and Silverlight/ASP.NET along with the requisite HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax for web applications. My database expertise is focused on Microsoft SQL Server and db4o, and my main area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and vision.
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