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a professional software designer since the beginning days of the desktop cptr and uC-controlled avionics, I today am focusing on C# and F# for building desktop and online applications under WPF, and Silverlight/ASP.NET along with the requisite HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax for web applications. My database expertise is focused on Microsoft SQL Server and db4o, and my main area of interest is Artificial Intelligence and vision.

Multi-threaded Programming Techniques, versus Message-Queuing

Using a Message-Queuing approach as opposed to blindly allocating threads of execution. Continue reading

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Notes re ASP.NET MVC 5

ASP.NET-MVC 5 field notes Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2013 is released, with F# 3.1, the Visual F# tools, and improvements to ASP.NET

Announcement of a pre-release of F# 3.1 Continue reading

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The Minimal-Mental-Model Hypothesis: Identity

In some key ways, “identity” is a fiction of our mind. A pragmatically useful one, mostly. Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails: a brief evaluation

A brief evaluation of RoR Continue reading

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Looking through the keyhole

A Minimal-Model Hypothesis of Consciousness The process of creating a ‘model’ of the mind, encompassing it’s myriad facets of perception, consciousness, emotion, and intelligence (all very ill-defined terms in this context) has awakened me to some rather fascinating revelations concerning … Continue reading

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Western Digital is readying it’s HGST 6-Terrabyte Helium-Filled drives to ship

Western Digital is ready to start shipping it’s latest disc-drives – the 6TB HGST HDDs. These are hermetically sealed with helium, which since it has one-seventh the density (mass per unit volume) of air, does not effect the rotating parts … Continue reading

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Where are the good laptops?

It seems that it is getting hard to find a competent new laptop to purchase. My previous favorite, Lenovo, has eschewed their perfect keyboards and switched to a newer chicklet design. To make matters worse, they’ve abandoned the standard two-row-by-three-column … Continue reading

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Thought. A project that has been a sort of a side-task for years, is starting to bear some fruit. Probably because this last month has been one of the rare instances when I had a little bit of time to … Continue reading

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Test-Driven Development (TDD): To free, or to constrain?

How many times have you reached for a nice shiny new tool and put it to good use, enjoyed its benefits .. and then after a spell realized that your shiny plaything has walked over to take its place along … Continue reading

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