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Visual Studio 2013 is released, with F# 3.1, the Visual F# tools, and improvements to ASP.NET

Announcement of a pre-release of F# 3.1 Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails: a brief evaluation

A brief evaluation of RoR Continue reading

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Thought. A project that has been a sort of a side-task for years, is starting to bear some fruit. Probably because this last month has been one of the rare instances when I had a little bit of time to … Continue reading

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Test-Driven Development (TDD): To free, or to constrain?

How many times have you reached for a nice shiny new tool and put it to good use, enjoyed its benefits .. and then after a spell realized that your shiny plaything has walked over to take its place along … Continue reading

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A Thought on the TDD strategy

Test-Driven-Development (TDD) has a good contribution to make to a project’s management strategy. It is a means by which one can know that a given kit of software (your end-product) does perform according to a specific specification (the suite of … Continue reading

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Silverlight 5 is available in beta now

The next version of Microsoft Silverlight will be version 5.  You can download a beta and related tools right now from here.  Microsoft has an announcement and description page here. You’ll also want to download the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools … Continue reading

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Evil Design

The Worst (and totally unnecessary) Flaw What is the “feature”, or flaw, that you find most annoying about Windows 7? For me, it’s when the dam thing simply crashes on you. I sometimes use my laptop as a GPS system. … Continue reading

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A Virtual Keyboard for your WPF apps

A design for a Virtual Keyboard using WPF. Continue reading

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Visual Studio/Live Writer tip: format as code

Live Writer extension for inserting code Continue reading

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WPF Tip #1: avoid App.Current.Shutdown

In your WPF application’s Exit command handler, be wary of calling App.Current.Shutdown unless you want to bypass the normal ‘Close’ process. It can result in your override of OnClosing to NOT be called, and your closing-event handlers don’t get called … Continue reading

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