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Silverlight 5 is available in beta now

The next version of Microsoft Silverlight will be version 5.  You can download a beta and related tools right now from here.  Microsoft has an announcement and description page here. You’ll also want to download the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools … Continue reading

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SilverLight 4 beta is now available!

(Note: This is a November 2009 post and this information is obsolete. You can find information on the new SilverLight 5 here).  Silverlight 4 is available in beta form, as of 2009 November 18th.  Here is where you can download … Continue reading

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How to use your own fonts within Silverlight

Silverlight seems to provide for excellent control over the presentation of your online prose and typography, compared to HTML. The use of the built-in default fonts is quite straightforward. But I wanted to deploy some other typefaces within my online … Continue reading

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ParseLib: A C# library for parsing values from a TextBox

(Note: I’ll come back to edit this post after I figure out how to properly format code for blog articles, and provide for downloadable sample code!) It’s common to use a TextBox control for entering numbers, dates and other data types that … Continue reading

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